50 Member Contest!!!

I want to make my website even better. So to keep you guys engaged and to promote membership growth, I'm going doing this random winner contest at exactly 50 members, available only to those who have signed up in the members tab and followed my profile personally! All you have to do is update your member profile with a cover and profile image, a few words about yourself in "about me" and follow my member page. THAT'S IT!! Winner(s) will be randomly selected and notified by email during the first week of the new year, so don't miss out!

Since we have some time before then, let me know in your comments what prizes you all are interested in!! Let's do it!!

Potential Prizes

  • Amazon Gift Card

  • Free Photo Shoot

  • Mailed Photo Print(s)

  • Your creative suggestions!!!

**Note: Don't forget the "about me" section on your profile!! Follow as many of your fellow members as you can!! The person with the most combined "Follows" and "Followers" on 12/30 will get 5 total contest entries!!! Ganbatte!

Click the image to go straight to the members page!! Update your "About Me" and Get those follow counts up!!

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