June 2018 Artist Spotlight: Katsumi Cosplay!!!

This month's awesome artist spotlight goes to the talented cosplayer Katsumi Cosplay!! Check out some gorgeous work and learn more about her below!!

A person dressed up as Nora Valkyrie from RWBY
Nora Valkyrie from RWBY, shot by Yenra Photography

Where are you from?

I'm from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia! I'm actually still living in the same house I was born in How did you end up at your first convention or anime inspired event? If you were in your first cosplay? What was it?

My first convention was AMA (Anime Mid-Atlantic) for my 16th birthday! I had been trying to get into the anime scene for two years prior but really didn’t fall into it until 2012 (yes I know I'm a young'un). However, my first cosplay didn’t really happen until 2013 How long have you been cosplaying for? What do you think has been the greatest change in the community since you’ve started your art form? As stated before, I started cosplaying in 2013. For various reasons, I think the cosplay community has gotten more… I don’t want to say aggressive… but it’s definitely more competitive and cutthroat. I’ve dealt with so much more drama in the past year than I had in the past, and I feel like its only been exacerbated by social media. But despite all of the negativity, I still feel like it’s a community I love to take part in Who are your head cannon cosplays? I don’t really have what I call a “head cannon” cosplay. I think My Dva cosplay fits what I consider a head cannon cosplay, even if there's spots I can improve on

Which cosplay/drawing/photo shoot has provided you with the most challenge so far? Which one has been the most rewarding? Cosplay wise, It would be my Ender Queen Armor. It was my first armor build, and I decided to cut out foam scales individually. Overall it took 5-8 hours per piece and ended up falling off me at con. Rip

Person dressed up as Queen Ender
Amazing Queen Ender Cosplay, shot by Colossal X Studios

As for the most rewarding, I'd have to say Fox from Persona 5! I really get comfortable wearing him because I really connect to the character

A person dressed up as Fox, from Persona 5
Yusuke (Phantom Thief Outfit) on the prowl

What is your favorite convention to attend and why?

Despite all the drama surrounding it, I absolutely adore Katsucon! Because I like interacting with cosplayers and meeting new people, it became one that I really fell in love with

What are your hobbies outside of your particular art form?

I love video gaming and being a social media mongrel. I also watch anime in my spare time

Person dressed up in a maid outfit as the main character Akira from Persona 5
Maid Akira (Persona 5) shot by Saturn 7

How do you balance that with your normal everyday life? I try to do a lot of that over the weekend, leaving plenty of time to focus on work during the week Is there anything else you want to tell people thinking about stepping into the world of cosplay? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are, someone else has already tried it. Where can we find you on social media or check out some of your work? I have a facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KatsumiCosplay/) and an instagram (https://www.instagram.com/katsumicosplay/)

A person dressed up as the video game character Okami
Amaterasu, the mother to us all

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