May 2018 Artist Spotlight: Saturn 7 Photography!!!

This month's awesome artist spotlight goes to the talented photographer Saturn 7!! Check out some gorgeous work and learn more about him below!!

So, where are you from?

I was born in Washington state, but raised in North Carolina for most of my life

How did you end up at your first convention or anime inspired event? What was it?

I had just finished leaving a job I didn’t like anymore and was looking for something to do when I wasn’t looking for work. So I went to my very first convention, Ichibancon, during 2011 to get a feel for what cons were like

How long have you been cosplaying/creating art/shooting for? What do you think has been the greatest change in the community since you’ve started your art form?

I’ve been doing photography since 2012 which was when I really started enjoying a lot more cons including bigger ones like Animazement and Otakon. I think the biggest change for the community is the role that social media plays. Everything from learning about new events going on, to connecting with other cosplayers, photographers, and costume makers, to just meeting up with people has become so much easier and faster

What are your favorite cosplays to shoot?

I’m a big fan of cosplays from darker, gritty horror series like Future Diary, Tokyo Ghoul, or Fallout

Woman with white out contacts crouched low to the ground in front of bricks on gravel
Pictured showcasing this gritty style is living_still

Which photo shoot has provided you with the most challenge so far? Which one has been the most rewarding?

I think group shoots regardless of fandom have always been difficult just because it takes an additional amount of coordination and effort to get everybody together, figure out poses, and get the right shots. The most rewarding experience has been working with new people and them saying how they love the work after the edits are cranked out

A cosplayer dressed up as Todoroki from Boku No Hero Academia
J. Draco as Todoroki from BNHA

What is your favorite convention to attend and why?

My favorite so far has been Animazement because it was the first big convention I went and was where I really got to experience most if not all of what conventions have to offer

What are your hobbies outside of your particular art form?

I love playing video games, traveling, and going to the shooting range

How do you balance that with your normal everyday life?

I try to plan everything out in advance as best as I can but if there is an event coming up soon, I just go with the flow and head to it

Cosplayer Emerald Angel

Is there anything else you want to tell people thinking about stepping into the world of cosplay/art/photography?

Don’t let anyone dictate how you should cosplay or do photos. If you like the way a cosplay has come out or how a photo has come out then that is all that matters

Two cosplayers dressed up in front of a glowing Christmas tree
Toshiyasu Cosplay and Matthew Sparks from the Fredericksburg Christmas Meetup

Where can we find you on social media or check out some of your work?

You can find me on my Facebook page Saturn 7 Photography or on Instagram as saturnseven

Darkfox Photography posing with a camera with his tongue sticking out and a rocker pose
Look Familiar? You can thank Saturn 7 for that

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