May 2019 Artist Spotlight: Piexv Cosplay!!

This month's awesome artist spotlight goes to the talented cosplayer Piexv!!!! Check out some awesome photo work and learn more about her below!!

Night Life Elf Raver

· Where are you from?

I'm from Chesapeake Virginia

· How did you end up at your first convention or anime inspired event? If you were in your first cosplay? What was it?

My first convention was Nekocon 2003 if I can remember correctly. My sister was very big into anime and manga and was the one to get me into it. When she decided to go the year before, she told me I could go next time, so when it came along I was finally able to go. I didn’t wear a cosplay to the con, but when I got there, I bought my first costume I would continue to wear for the rest of the week, which was Kagome from Inuyasha

Scorbunny by WithanHmedia

· How long have you been cosplaying/creating art/shooting for? What do you think has been the greatest change in the community since you’ve started your art form?

While I first started doing it officially, back in 2003, it wasn't until high school though that I started being more 'serious' about it and getting into the community more. The greatest change is absolutely just people caring about everyone else's position, popularity, and as a result, the pressure to only do popular things. I remember when cosplay was truly just about being anything you wanted! It should still be that. I think that as long as you’re not harming anyone or doing anything to offend anyone, do what you want and call whatever you want cosplay because that's all it is

· Who are your head cannon cosplays, or favorite cosplays to shoot or draw?

Oh goodness is it cliché to say that I really don’t think I have one? A lot of people like my Ryuko from back in the day, or my Witch Mercy! If I have to say one other person who literally embodies the character, Enasni Vee literally is the person I think if when I see Harley Quinn for sure, she's absolutely fantastic

· Which cosplay/drawing/photo shoot has provided you with the most challenge so far? Which one has been the most rewarding?

The most challenging to this day has probably been Widowmaker. Not only did I start way too late, there was a lot on it that really stumped me and caused me to hate it at the end! I do hope to one day return to it, bigger and better! As for most rewarding, even though it’s been years I want to say my Ryuko cosplay! At the time I used so many new materials and it all ended up working so well I got a good 3 years out of that cosplay before I had to retire it

Kirin Armor by Sehtupmedia

· What is your favorite convention to attend and why?

My favorite convention for my big showy costumes has gotta be Katsucon but in recent years my overall favorite con is Colossalcon East

· What are your hobbies outside of your particular art form?

I like to stream/game in my spare time and I absolutely love to hike and go camping. I’m so excited to get back into it with the warm weather

A portrait of a girl cosplaying the popular bowsette with princess peach crown
Bowsette by JMontagnaphotos

· How do you balance that with your normal everyday life?

Sometimes it's stressful, but I'm surrounded by people who understand it when they want to see me. If they know a con is coming up, they are very helpful and supportive! It helps that my job is really great with giving me time off for conventions too. It’s all about scheduling and giving time for yourself too

· Is there anything else you want to tell people thinking about stepping into the world of cosplay/art/photography?

Just believe in yourself and have fun with it! Don’t strive to have everything "perfect", especially if it’s your first cosplay! Honestly, it’s always that much more rewarding when you truly enjoy it! Its fine to want to get money out of it! Just don’t let that be the only reason, or it turns into a job that one day you might grow to resent. You will learn a ton of new skills you never thought you would, and that alone is rewarding

· Where can we find you on social media or check out some of your work?

Piexv cosplay on Facebook and Piexv0 on Twitter and just plain ol' Piexv on Instagram!

Umbreon Gijinka

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