Blerdcon 2019 CMV!!

I wanted to bring you guys something special that also showcases some of the reasons I truly enjoyed my Blerdcon experience this year. Enjoy the video!!

Shot by the awesome Legend of Micah himself, I wanted to share with you guys a special video in which he captures the soul of Blerdcon itself! Special Surprises at 1:00 and 5:04, can you spot me?!! Blerdcon is a pop culture convention celebrating diversity in comic books, movies, tv, and fiction. Blerdcon takes place every year in Washington DC in July. Their website is In addition to fun panels about superhero poses, dance workshops and burlesque, Blerdcon's programming highlights the creative contributions of POC, LGBTQ, and disabled people.

MUSIC = Avengers Endgame Remix - Remix Maniacs

Tank Remix - Remix Maniacs

Cruel Angel’s Thesis Remix - Onomatope

MC’s Just Want to Celebrate - Fissunix

You can also check out his facebook here:

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