My Trip to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum!!

With his 210th birthday happening just over the weekend, I had to make a trip down to Richmond, Virginia to see the glorious museum myself and grab a few pictures!

This cat served as the guardian of the gift shop and main entrance. It was one of a few cute furry creatures scattered around the different buildings, enjoying pleasant, unbothered sleep.

The bust pictured above is where they held a midnight vigil to congratulate the now passed poet on his 210th year, now forever emblazoned in our memories as one of the greatest literary crafters of his time.

Add this great splash of color to the many paintings around depicting the iconic Raven.

And this skull which has the entire first stanza of "The Raven" carved into it, and you have some fantastic pieces of history forever immortalized long before I took these photos. It was a truly great time!

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