Running in the Rain in Raleigh, NC!!

The Geico Gecko running in a marathon alongside images of Darkfox Photography's Logo and the logo for Saturn 7 Photography
Put on your best #myraceface

The Danger Photographer and I took a day trip down to Raleigh, North Carolina, to check out some sweet shooting spots, and take a look at some of the changes that have taken place at the site of Animazement, the largest anime convention in North Carolina.

Darkfox Photography and Saturn 7 Photography standing together in front of a building in the rain with surprised faces
Quite a few people were milling about, despite the weather

When we arrived, it was quite the dreary day, with most of the parking set for the half marathon event sponsored by Humana. After walking and talking, scouting some pretty decent local scenery, from floral plants to high rise skyscrapers, and beautiful fountains and textures in between, we decided to get some eco friendly burgers at B.Good where I had an interesting experience trying out Rosemary Lemonade. Needless to say, it wasn’t one of my top choices as a connoisseur.

Darkfox Photography smiling behind a chicken and egg burger from B,Good in Raleigh, North Carolina
Though having grilled chicken and egg on the same burger was an amazing win

We did some more exploring around the main Animazement hotels, taking note of the beautiful crocheted mural outside (Of Nina Simone below),

Darkfox Photography standing in front of a crocheted mural of singer Nina Simone in Raleigh, North Carolina
The crochet work was simply gorgeous

and the beautiful Marriott interior, where I met the rock and roll balloon man himself. From there, we walked the tunnel that led straight into the main convention center.

Darkfox Photography standing in front of a balloon man who is dressed like a marathon runner in the marriott lobby
He's looking ready to run!

Saturn 7 Photography walking down the hallway to the Raleigh Convention Center
The trek wasn't so bad at all

Immediately we were swarmed with Rock n’ Roll music and a boisterous atmosphere of many many running teams that had all gathered in the area. Together, the two of us decided to check out the local expo, where marathon runners from all around the country had gathered to talk about the latest in running gear, apparel, food regimens, and muscle relaxers. Quickly swept up into the action, we took photos reminiscent of our adventure to Nashville, Tennessee, and got some free swag for our efforts.

An inspirational board for marathon runners detailing various reasons why they run
Had to leave my mark as well

Darkfox Photography and Saturn 7 Photography standing in front of a Geico sponsored backdrop with a poster of their logos
The Legendary Combo always gets the free swag

To wrap things up, after a few trips down memory lane, we had some good old North Carolina style Bojangles, which was more than enough to carry us back up the road. It was a great time!!

Darkfox Photography standing under an umbrella in front of a statue of a rock and roll marathoner in Raleigh, North Carolina
Sponsored by Beats Headphones

You can see more work by Saturn 7 here

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