Sending 'Noods' on April Fool's Day!

April first was a momentous day, not only for the Easter Holiday, but also for April Fool’s Day as well! Casey Sanders (from Labinnak and Mangoloo Cosplays) had the brilliant idea of creating a prank inspired by the recent wave of people feeling entitled to receive ‘lewd’ or nude photos of female cosplayers, simply because they are content creators. So I had to get in on the fun!

A three pack of ramen noodles depicting Cloud Strife
Had to purchase top of the line noods for this challenge

It took a little ingenuity based on the space that I had available, but even without a wireless shutter release, and ten seconds to pose, I did my best to offer my ‘noods’ to the pool!

Oh no, not my noods!!

The hashtag (#sendnoods) has at least 22.8K public posts on Instagram, but that’s certainly not the only social media that was flooded with various people eating, and posing with ramen noodles that day, the numbers were far higher! There were even those who designed full costumes based on the prank, and it doesn’t get much better than that

An instagram page depicting the hashtag send noods and all the posts that follow it
22,800 participating posts and counting!!

To me, Send Noods has a two pronged message, not only for cosplayers, but for models and photographers as well. Too often, I’ll post one of my censored Alternative Boudoir photos, and be immediately hit with requests for more, often from strangers who have never seen my work before. And while this pressure is minor in comparison, it still happens.

Darkfox Photography blocking a nude photo on his laptop with a cup of ramen noodles
You'll have to try harder if you want these noods

For female cosplayers and professional models, especially those that offer Patreon content (and even most who don’t), the pressure is even greater. So this was the perfect time to give them what they want, some good old fashion noods.

Like this post or have a favorite ‘nood’ photo? Sound off below with a shot or a link!!

Darkfox Photography praying with his head bowed and a cup of ramen noodles in front of a laptop screen with a model on it
Best Noods, Bless Up

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